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New advanced painting method can transfer owner’s fingerprint onto new 911

An entirely new level of personalization for just $11,100

Personalization is nothing new at Porsche, the automaker having provided bespoke customization services since a client commissioned a 356 to be covered in fur back in the

‘50s, the “Personalisation Programme” that followed eventually turning into Porsche Exclusive in 1986. Still, nothing the quintessential sports car brand has done in the past could be deemed quite as personal as their latest offering.


Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, now a special division, will paint your actual fingerprint on the hood of your 911 for a mere €7,500 ($11,100 CAD). It’s not actually done via traditional painting, but rather a new direct printing method developed by Porsche. After scanning your fingerprint, it get transformed into a digital graphic and printed onto the hood of your car.


Porsche says it will be able to print your fingerprint on other panels in the future, plus other customer-specific designs as well, but for now its exclusive service is limited to the hood.


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The complicated and time-intensive process was developed exclusively by Porsche

The reason it’s limited to the hood for the time being comes down to the printing process, which requires the body panel to be removed. Of course, a hood can be removed easier than any other panel. After removal, the biometric print is applied by a robot, with a clear coat added overtop for protection, after which the entire hood is once again polished to a high-gloss finish. In the end, Porsche promises its direct printing process will result in a finish that’s actually superior to its already high-quality 911 paint finishes in terms of look and feel.


“The operating principle is similar to that of an inkjet printer: using a print head, the paint is applied to three-dimensional components automatically and without overspray. ‘The ability to control the nozzles individually permits targeted application of every paint droplet,’ said Christian Will, Vice President Production Development at Porsche AG. ‘The complexity is due to the necessity of harmonizing three technologies: robot technology (control, sensors, programming), application technology (print head, graphic handling) and paint technology (application process, paint).’”


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Requests for this new fingerprint service will begin next month (March 2020) in the German market, although Vancouver’s Porsche owners should already know, where there’s a will there’s a way. If you want your fingerprint emblazoned on the hood of your 911, or some other personal graphic, contact Porsche Centre Vancouver at (604) 736-7911, or come visit us in our showroom at 688 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, to find out how we can make it happen.



Story credits: Trevor Hofmann  

Photo credits: Porsche

Date Posted: February 28, 2020