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New special edition 718 marks 25 years of Boxster production

Porsche looks to the original Boxster prototype for special edition inspiration 

Porsche’s entry-level roadster is 25 years old this year, which might come as a shock to some reading this story. Time certainly does fly, as the saying goes, and fly it will at the wheel of any Boxster model.


To commemorate the occasion, Porsche is offering the 2021 718 Boxster 25 Years edition, combining a number of classic cues from the original concept and first-generation cars, plus all of the stylish updates and many advancements found on the current model.


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1,250 units worldwide means you’ll need to act fast 

Limited to just 1,250 units globally, the new 718 Boxster 25 Years rolls on GTS 4.0 underpinnings, which is best of the best for this model, particularly due to its 911 GT3-inspired 394 horsepower naturally aspirated 4.0-litre six-cylinder boxer engine, six-speed manual transmission and traditional rear-wheel drive layout. Both 25 Years and GTS 4.0 models sprint to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds, or an impressive 4.0 seconds with the optional paddle-shift actuated seven-speed automated dual-clutch PDK transmission and Sport Chrono Package. The optional gearbox is combined with 8 additional lb-ft of torque for a total of 317, leaving the standard drivetrain with 309 lb-ft.


With right foot maintaining full throttle, manual shifted cars achieve a zero to 160 km/h dash in 9.2 seconds, while PDK trim shaves half a second off the same run resulting in 8.7 seconds from standstill, all before arriving of top track speeds of 293 and 288 km/h respectively.


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Gold and red details are just like the original Boxster concept

While performance might be a match, their visual statements couldn’t be any more different. Where the GTS 4.0 blacks out any bright metal and brushed aluminum with gloss and matte blacks, and often covers its outer panels with bright, bold paints, the 25 Years is appropriately classic, pulling cues from the original 1993 Boxster concept that initially stole the hearts of auto show-goers worldwide.


Some of those trim details include the same metallic silver paint with gold highlights on the front fascia (black and white exterior colours are also available), side engine vents and the “25” year insignia attached to the rear bumper next to the usual “Boxster” script, Porsche even dousing the five-spoke alloy wheels in the rich hue. Capping off the design, literally, is an aluminum gas cap, albeit hidden below the standard cover rather than exposed.


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Plenty of “Boxster 25” emblems pay tribute to the model’s quarter century of production

The top, featuring an embossed “Boxster 25” logo on the front outside portion so that it shows up when folded into tonneau form, is a beautiful red cloth just like the original, this being the same colour as the cabin that includes special leatherwork and unique carpeting. The passenger-side dash trim inlay serves as the base for a “Boxster 25” plaque that comes with each model’s special edition 0000/1250 numbering, while yet more “Boxster 25” badging gets added to each floor mat, together with brushed metal plaques.


All that’s needed to put your name on one is about 10-percent more than the GTS 4.0’s $96,900 retail price, or $106,500. Not bad for an extremely limited model, and a mighty attractive one to boot.


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Porsche Centre Vancouver has plenty of Boxsters in stock 

To find out more about the 718 Boxster 25 Years, contact Porsche Centre Vancouver by phone at (604) 736-7911 or drop by our dealership at 688 Terminal Ave, Vancouver. Although the new 25 Year edition is not in stock, a beautiful Jet Black 2021 GTS 4.0 with Carmine Red interior stitching is available now, as are plenty of well-kept pre-owned models, including S, GTS and even Spyder trims.


Hood Motor vehicle Banestor 25 Limited Edition Nr. 0000/1250

Also, be sure to watch these four videos of the new 718 Boxster 25 Years:


Boxster 25 Years: Walkaround (6:29)


Boxster 25 Years: Forever Young (1:37)


The Boxster at 25: An Homage to its Inception (4:59)


Boxster 25 Years: Boundless Driving Freedom (1:27)

Story credits: Trevor Hofmann 

Photo credits: Porsche   

Date Posted: February 7, 2021