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Porsche Unseen “Spin-Offs” are four prototypes we’d love to see updated for 2021

These four concepts are ideal templates for personal Porsche customizations  

The final installment of our Porsche Unseen overview is titled “Spin-Offs” thanks to all four being based on actual production models. The 911 Vision Safari, Macan Vision Safari, Boxster Bergspyder and Le Mans Living Legend, which were formed off the backs of the 2012 911, 2013 Macan, 2014 Boxster and 2016 Cayman respectively, collectively stretch the imagination of what could be created with any new Porsche with some extra personal investment and skilled custom craftsmanship.


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Porsche 911 Vision Safari makes us want to hit the trail

The 2012 Porsche 911 Vision Safari seems to have pulled inspiration from the awe-inspiring mid-‘80s Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar Gruppe B rally car that finished first, second and sixth in the 1986 version of the 7,500 mile race (one of which was recently auctioned off for a cool $5,945,000 USD), but being that it’s formed from the much sleeker, more modern and oh-so gorgeous 991 body style it’s arguably even more alluring, despite never having entered a race.


Being a one-off, this concept is no doubt worth a significant sum as well, but collectors will be saddened to know it’s not for sale, instead sharing the stage with other “Unseen” Porsche prototypes at the marque’s Stuttgart-based museum. Unique features include bulkier bumpers, a lifted suspension, special wheels and off-road tires, plus a helmet cooler inside.


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Macan Vision Safari might be the ideal Porsche 4x4

What better vehicle to customize for off-road use than a Macan, its compact dimensions, rigid structure, lightweight design, and capable AWD-enhanced drivetrain perfect for storming gravel backroads at high speeds. The 2013 Porsche Macan Vision Safari provides a glimpse of what a muscled-up version of the first-generation Macan might have looked like, and who knows, might possibly cause some current owners to create something similar on their own.


You’d be hard pressed to find a three-door Macan, however, this one-off prototype only a 1:1 scale hard model meant for display. Of course, we’d like to see a Safari production version of today’s second-gen Macan. Would you consider buying it?  


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Porsche Boxster Bergspyder is the ultimate mid-engine track star

Porsche’s 2014 Boxster Bergspyder is all about pavement pounding, although being based on Porsche’s featherweight 718 roadster and lightened further by removing the roof, cutting out the passenger seat, and adding plenty of composite components, this minimalist single-seat track car will go about its pounding with plenty of finesse.


While it rides on today’s 718 Boxster, its 911 Speedster-style shortened windscreen and dual roll hoops hovering over Carrera GT-like rear deck lid double-bubble engine vents give it a completely unique appearance. The interior features primary instruments sourced from the 918, while the nixed passenger’s seat allowed the inclusion of a handy helmet shelf.


As if all of this go-fast goodness wasn’t enough, the ultra-light 1,130-kilogram barchetta comes stuffed full of the Cayman GT4’s high-revving 3.8-litre flat-six, which quite possibly makes this little 718 the ultimate Porsche track star.


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Porsche’s Le Mans Living Legend is beyond gorgeous

Rounding out this “Spin-Offs” category is the Le Mans Living Legend, a 718 Boxster/Cayman-based retrospective coupe that conjures inspiration from the sensational 1953 550 Le Mans racing coupe. Sporting V8 power that Porsche claims has “excessive sound development,” plus a manual gearbox, you’ll be hard pressed to see one long enough to get more than just a quick glimpse, but what a fabulous sight it would be on the open road or track.


Some unique design elements include a stunning split rear window, plus front and rear trunks that open in opposite directions, while the fuel gets supplied by a central nozzle up front. Gorgeous is an understatement with respect to this coupe, but then again, we feel the same way about all our production Porsches too.


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Order a copy of Porsche Unseen

All of the concepts above, plus the ones highlighted in previous installments of this series, are pictorially displayed and described in detail as part of a beautiful Porsche Unseen tabletop book (published by Delius Klasing Verlag), now available from the Porsche Museum Shop in Stuttgart, as well as online at (ISBN number 978-3-667-11980-3). The Porsche Unseen book would make an ideal gift for a loved one’s birthday or just a thoughtful surprise.


We have even more Porsche branded gift ideas at the Porsche Centre Vancouver website, or better yet drop by our dealership at 688 Terminal Ave, Vancouver to see a display of Porsche branded books, calendars, clothing, personal accessories including watches, home and lifestyle items, model cars, and more.


We have plenty of new and pre-loved Porsches available too, some of which would be ideal for some personal customization along the lines of the four concepts above. Could a 911 or Macan Safari be your future ride? Check out our new and pre-owned Porsche inventory for inspiration, and feel free to give one of our helpful representatives a call at (604) 736-7911.


Story credits: Trevor Hofmann

Photo credits: Porsche   

Date Posted: January 7, 2021