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Porsche’s “Little Rebel” Concepts would all be big hits if produced

Porsche Unseen prototypes inspired the road and race cars the brand builds today

Have you noticed a theme lately? We’ve been having some fun showing you our creative side thanks to the Porsche Unseen collection of previously hidden concept and prototype cars, which includes a beautiful new tabletop book, a selection of words and images in the Porsche Media Newsroom, and lastly a full display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.


The first installment of this collection, shared with you here on November 30th, offered a taste of most categories, including the 919 Street hypercar based on the FIA World Endurance Car (WEC) multi-championship winning 919 Hybrid LMP1 racing car; the Vision Spyder that caused us to question what might be next for the future 718 Boxster; the Vision Renndienst inspired from a ‘60s-era VW Microbus previously used for Porsche “racing service,” albeit now hypothesizing a potential all-electric people-mover; and lastly the Vision Turismo, a gorgeous visual compilation of the stunning 917 Spyder supercar in front and Panamera in back, which eventually morphed into the new all-electric Taycan.


Our second installment, which aired on December 8, delved into the details of all the as yet unmentioned hypercar concepts, a total of five beautifully fleshed out originals that will no doubt titillate the supercar lovers among us, while this installation will focus on the Little Rebels, which as the name suggests are smaller, more nimble Porsche concepts that really pull at the heartstrings of those who already love the lightweight agility of the 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster, let alone the fabulous 911.


Tire Automotive design Automotive exterior

Who wouldn’t want one of these Little Rebels in their driveway?

The Vision Spyder, already shown in November as noted earlier, boasts sharper creases and more upright angles than today’s Boxster, but nevertheless features flowing curves that soften the hood’s shape while adding animal-like sinew to the fenders and no doubt aerodynamic enhancement to the rear deck lid. The 1:1 hard model is painted in a classic silver, red and black motorsport livery that will give any Porsche enthusiast hope for an upcoming spec motorsport series, or at the very least allow for happy thoughts of future weekends at the local track.


Like the current 718 series, the Vision Spyder benefits from an ideal mid-engine layout, while some of its design highlights were influenced by 1954 Porsche’s 550-1500 RS Spyder. We’re seeing a bit of the 1969-1976 914 in this design exercise too, particularly in its more angled details like the sensational looking roll hoop.

Vision 916 is a modernized classic race car for the street

The Little Rebels category also includes the more supercar-like, albeit still simplistically classic Vision 916. The tidy little sports car not only looks perfectly clean on the outside, seeming as if Bauhaus designer Marianne Brandt decided to pen a race car (it was actually created in 2016 by an intern from Porsche’s design team), but it runs an all-green battery and hub-motor drivetrain as well. The perfectly minimalist dream car was supposedly inspired by the ‘70s-era 914-based six-cylinder-powered 916 that never made it to series production, although you’ll need to stretch the imagination to see any resemblance.


Tire Motor vehicle Wheel

904 Living Legend lives up to its legendary name

As beautiful as the Vision 916 is, 2013’s 904 Living Legend is so drop-dead gorgeous that Porschephiles aplenty (especially those with motorsport leanings who fell in love with the brand in the early ‘60s) will already be sending deposit check-stuffed letters of intent to Stuttgart in hopes of snagging the first production model (although none has been mentioned). Based on the VW XL1 streamliner eco-diesel’s carbon monocoque chassis, the featherlight, 900-kilo 904 Living Legend is powered by an ultra-high-revving Ducati V2 motorcycle engine (Ducati being part of VW group). While fans may be hoping this beautiful concept will somehow influence the next-generation Cayman, particularly its split rear window, it will more likely remain a main attraction at Porsche’s museum, possibly alongside the heavenly 1963 Porsche Carrera GTS that inspired it.


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Story credits: Trevor Hofmann

Photo credits: Porsche   

Date Posted: December 31, 2020