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Previously “unseen” Porsche concepts truly capture the imagination

919 Street concept shows what this motorsport classic might look like as a modern street car

What’s better than a good concept car? How about 15 truly intriguing Porsche concepts, one of which even depicts what a family-hauling minivan might look like if the quintessential performance brand ever decided to produce something so utilitarian.


The 15 concepts, some recent and others from the storied marque’s past, come as part of a new “Porsche Unseen” book that highlights important design exercises from 2005 through 2019. The cars will also be featured in a series of articles found online in the Porsche Newsroom, and can be enjoyed in a comprehensive 48-minute video (see below), while the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany will be adding the models to their exhibition next year.


“People all over the world love the timeless and innovative design of our sports cars,” said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board at Porsche AG. “Visionary concept studies are the foundation of this success: they provide the pool of ideas for the Porsche design of tomorrow, and combine our strong tradition with trailblazing future technologies.”


Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Porsche 919 Street proposed an LMP1 racer for amateur drivers

Porsche chose to highlight three concepts with the new book and series’ introduction, the first being the 919 Street, a life-size 1:1 clay model introduced in 2017, which was inspired by the Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 race car that dominated at Le Mans and everywhere else it raced.


Hidden beneath this production prototype’s new bodywork is an actual carbon monocoque and 900 PS hybrid racing drivetrain from the 919 race car, making this concept dimensionally correct to the track model. Stunningly attractive in its purposefully performance-first style, there is no doubt every example of this 919 Street would have been spoken for if produced.


Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Porsche Vision Spyder looks at more angles in future Porsche design

Today’s 718 Boxster shares a lot of visual cues with Porsche’s 911, a design direction this Porsche Vision Spyder would potentially do away with if brought into production. Introduced last year, the Vision Spyder combines sharp angles and hard edges with flowing forms over the hood, rear deck lid and fenders, resulting in another Porsche race car for the street.


The 1:1 hard model places its engine mid-ships like today’s 718 series, and pays homage to Porsche’s legendary 550-1500 RS Spyder from 1954, as well as the brand’s 1969-1976 914. The design study portrays how an “ultra-modern roll bar” might look on a car that uses classic Porsche styling cues, amongst other aspects.


Land vehicle Vehicle Rennoienst

Porsche Vision Renndienst dares to think the unthinkable

With the expectation of self-driving autonomous mobility, it only makes sense for Porsche to at least study the potentiality of such a future. Hence, the Vision “Renndienst” shows what a six-person “family-friendly space concept” might look like. It’s 100-percent electric, of course, positioning its battery below the modular cabin in the now familiar skateboard layout, but unlike most of these shuttle-like people-movers the Renndienst actually includes a driver’s seat, in the race car-like centre position no less.


Considering the impressive performance already proven by the brand’s new Taycan EV, the go-fast potential for this family-hauler is daunting, although the 1:1 hard model, created in 2018, also focuses on style and comfort.


Land vehicle Vehicle 114 960 Turieme

Porsche Vision Turismo paved way for new Taycan

The Vision Turismo appears to combine the front half of a 918 Spyder with the rear section of today’s Panamera, although it reportedly hails from way back in 2010. It was developed into a 1:1 scale model, and uses an electric drivetrain, making it a true predecessor of today’s production Taycan EV.


The 328-page “Porsche Unseen” book, which features photos from Stefan Bogner and accompanying words by Jan Karl Baedeker, makes the ideal holiday gift for any Porsche enthusiast. The book is published by Delius Klasing Verlag, and made available to purchase from (ISBN number 978-3-667-11980-3). It’s also available at the Porsche Museum shop in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany.


To learn more about the production cars these concepts inspired, including the new Taycan, contact Porsche Centre Vancouver at (604) 736-7911, or visit us in our showroom at 688 Terminal Ave, Vancouver.


Additionally, be sure to check out the “Porsche Unseen: Uncovered” video below for more detail about the three cars above, as well as the other concepts found in the book.


Porsche Unseen: Uncovered (47:52):


Story credits: Trevor Hofmann

Photo credits: Porsche   

Date Posted: November 30, 2020