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Dilawri Anywhere

Dilawri Anywhere

The future of online shopping is here with Dilawri Anywhere.

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Virtual Sales Experience

Dilawri Anywhere gives you the freedom to shop for a vehicle wherever you may be. With our virtual tools, you can have a seamless online experience. Get in touch with a Sales Consultant through our online chat and begin co-browsing vehicles and discussing price details in real-time.

Need to take a look at a vehicle? We will conduct a virtual vehicle walk-around so you can see the interior and exterior of your vehicle of choice. We know nothing can replace the real feel and thrill of driving a car. That's why we are offering at-home test drives and can arrange one for you at your convenience.

Ready to purchase? Our team can guide you through your contract virtually and you can sign online through our secure online document signing tool. Our staff will then deliver the vehicle to you, free of charge and completely sanitized.

At Porsche Centre Vancouver, we are making the world of online vehicle shopping convenient for you.

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Flexible Service Experience

We understand that servicing your vehicle is important and we have implemented some solutions to make this experience as safe as possible for you and our staff.

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Pick up & Drop Off Service

Schedule your service online at your convenience, and we will arrange for a member of our staff to pick up your vehicle for servicing and deliver it back to you clean and fully sanitized.

In-Store Safety Practice

For more information, please see our policy for dealership health and safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do self demos/test drives work?

As opposed to traditional test drives, where a customer is accompanied by a member of our sales staff, we are now pleased to offer self driven experiences. We will provide a fully sanitized vehicle, as well as a clearly pre-mapped route for you to test drive independently.

How has the delivery process been adjusted?

If you are not comfortable visiting the store to collect your new vehicle, we will happily bring it to you. If you have any concerns about your vehicle delivery, a member of our Sales Staff or a Delivery Specialist will available answer any questions you may have.

How has the financial services process been adjusted?

There are several measures that have been put into place at the Finance Office to ensure proper sanitation and social distancing. However, if you do not feel comfortable completing the paperwork at our offices, our staff can accommodate you over the phone to answer any questions you may have about your contract.

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